Capturing the true essence of the body, mind and spirit, Body Essentials provides a personal, unique experience using all-natural products. Our detoxification services encourage the body to improve from within. Services are individually tailored and truly enhanced when packaged together. We look forward to creating the perfect package for you.

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Colon Hydrotherapy

Colon Hydrotherapy is a safe and gentle therapy.  Cleansing the colon of toxins, hydrating the body and retraining the colon muscles are three benefits of Colon Therapy.  The colon is a muscle and is responsible for contracting to eliminate waste.  When this waste release process is slowed or changed, toxins accumulate in the colon.  This is due to many things; food choices, dehydration, medications, stress.
Colon Hydrotherapy
A toxic colon is an unhealthy environment,
often setting the stage for future illnesses or
intensifying underlying health conditions such as:

  • Constipation
• Distended Abdomen
• Menstrual Cramps
• Depression
• Hemorrhoids
• Skin Problems
• Irritability
• Backaches
• Difficult Weight Loss
• Bad Breath
• Allergies
• Foul Body Odor
• Diarrhea

Our Professional Colon Hydrotherapist, Julie, is available to answer any questions. Please feel free to e-mail or call (928) 453-7557 any time.

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Infrared TherapyInfrared Therapy

The Formostar Body Therapy System is an infrared heat therapy that assists the body's own healing capability. Infrared heat is a highly effective source of heat that improves circulation, pain relief, boosts immune system, improves skin conditions, aids in weight-loss and cellulite reduction. It can also aid post pregnancy recovery and scar improvement.

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Body Contour WrapBody Contour Wrap

What can I expect when I get a M’lis body wrap?

  1. Prepare to spend one peaceful hour relaxing.
  2. The skin will be exfoliated to help remove environmental toxins, product, and dead skin cells to allow for maximum absorption of the Body Contour Cream.
  3. Wrap cream will be applied from the neck to the ankles (avoiding the breast tissue and genital area).
  4. Client will be wrapped evenly with plastic wrap from the neck to the ankles as to create even pressure over the body.
  5. Client will spend a total of 60 pampering minutes in the wrap before having the plastic removed
    (any excess cream can simply be rubbed in).

    Downloads: Body Contour Information & Consent Form and the Before & After Photo Page

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Foot Detox

Ionic Foot Spa:

An incredible therapy!  Energy and water are used to enhance the body’s natural ability to cleanse and renew. 

This process removes toxins and balances cellular energy. During treatment sessions, the customer's feet are bathed for 40 minutes in salt water that is subjected to a low-voltage current transmitted through an electrode assembly called an "array" (the dark cylindrical object to which the wire is attached).
This produces a frequency of positive and negative ions, which gently resonates through the body and stimulates all the cells within it. . . . rebalancing the cellular energy, enabling the cells to perform efficiently and . . . release any toxins that may have built up.

During the process, the water typically turns reddish brown. This process is known as "ionic cleansing" or an "ionic foot bath". The system draws toxins out through the soles of the feet, and that the water changes color due to the release of toxic substances through the 2000 pores of the soles of the feet. Essential oil foot massage completes the session.

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Ear CandlingEar Candling

Ear Candling, also called ear coning or thermal-auricular therapy, is an alternative medicine practice claimed to improve general health and well-being by lighting one end of a hollow candle and placing the other end in the ear canal. Assist natural clearing to the ear with the removal debris and impacted wax. One hour session includes one candles per ear. Additional candles may be purchased if needed.

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CleansingWeight Loss

Julie offers a variety of personally designed Weight-loss and detoxification programs.
Please call to arrange a 45 Minute Wellness Coaching Consultation or schedule now.
Please note: $60 Consultation Fee will be applied to any program selected.

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Julie Martin,  Personal Life Coach
Empowering the Life in YOU

JulieChoosing to make changes in our lives is an exciting moment. Having a coach by your side for plan creation, encouragement and focus results in a boost to success! Whatever the change is, physical or emotional,
Julie will be here for you. Please note: $60 Consultation Fee will be applied to any program selected.

For more information, please call 928-453-7557

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